Slovenski etnografski muzej

Spletna zbirka mojstrovin evropskih in azijskih muzejev

Animacija projekta

Virtual Collection of Masterpieces je skupen projekt evropskih in azijskih muzejev k virtualni predstavitivi kulturne dediščine pri katerem sodeluje tudi Slovenski etnografski muzej.

"The Virtual Collection of Masterpieces (VCM) is about sharing. Objects that are physically far apart and spread in museum collections all over the Eurasian continent are brought together in the virtual world. Besides the objects database, the VCM also features exhibitions and research projects. Curators of participating museums provide the texts. Its leading partners are the National Museum of Korea and the Museum Volkenkunde (National Museum of Ethnology) of the Netherlands.

The Bago Archeological Museum (Myanmar) has recently joined the VCM and became the 100th museum of the network! A milestone reached thanks to the enthusiasm of 57 Asian and 43 European museums. Altogether, our participants have contributed approximately 2000 Asian masterpieces."

VCM v 30 sekundah!

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