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Slovenski etnografski muzej

Etnolog 10 (2000)

The article outlines the life and work of Dr. Marija Makarovič.


On the occasion of Dr.


The article deals with the use of the (auto)biographical method in Slovene ethnology , focusing o


The article describes people`s attitude to health, illness and death in the individual periods of


The article focuses on home treatment or primary medicine and home care of patients at home in Ra

The article present magical practices and folk medicine as preserved in folk traditions.


Incantations are the most archaic element in the treasury of folk medical knowledge and no other

The article presents votive offerings in the church of St Rok on Petrakovo Brdo near Duga Resa in


The article brings a general outline of Tibetan medicine, its philosophy, history, cosmology, dia

The article searches for a more complex explanation of the agricultural symbolism of the Zoque In

The author establishes that many ideas, methods and techniques belonging to alternative medicine,


The author compares the function of the "shepherd of the wolves", a mythical figure found in Slav


The article presents a survey of the problems ethnologists and anthropologists encounter in libra


The article brings a survey of the material on folk medicine, which was collected by the field te


Based on documentary material the article presents the memories of the 1941-1945 period, related