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Etnolog 2/1 (1992)
Inja Smerdel
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Between death on a plate and a warden's love (On bird-catching in the Brda region)

The study Between death on a plate and a warden's love (on bird-catchins in the Brda region) starts by mentioning the two basic purposes of catching-birds referred to in the title - to eat them or to keep the feathered singers in cages. It ends with an analysis of the reality of both. In the body of the text the author defines the basic concepts of bird-catching in Slovenia and points out its main characteristics. She then tackles some views on the phenomenon and lists her findings on the bird-catchers of the Brda area, the birds and traps (referring mostly to the first half of the 10th century). The principal thane of the study are the relations between
man and songbirds and what we can learn from them.