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Slovenski etnografski muzej

Etnolog 6 (1996)

The article entitled "The project called the Slovene Ethnographic Museum" discusses some of the m


The articles presents the origins of the Museum of Viticulture in Ptuj, focusing on the period fr


Urban ethnology does not occupy an exactly defined place of its own in Slovene museums.

The article presents a chronology of initiatives related to the establishment of openair museums

As indicated by the article's title - The process of the research work in the village of Globasni

The article was inspired by the book Sledovi časa - Bela krajina na razglednicah v letih 1895-194


In his article The Karst kutja, the lost stone of Europe's stone shelters the author ties rudimen


This interdisciplinary study combines ethnology, archaeology and musicology in an attempt to shed

The author first presents a historical survey of vineyard labour in Slovenia and then describes t


The article discusses the presence of Hahnemann's homeopathy in Slovenia from the early 19th cent


The article is a survey of the information on Tibet available in Slovenia

Ethnological heritage and philately are the field within which the author of the article defines


The author emphasises the necessity to approximate and complement the activities and working meth

In January 1996 the Slovene Ethnographic Museum acquired for its collections the rich material fr


Museum textiles are often exposed to accelerated decay due to inadequate treatment.