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Slovenski etnografski muzej

Etnolog 8 (1998)

The article brings a survey of the structures of peasant houses and their interrelationship with

The article brings a concise survey of the ways ethnology is included in monument protection acti


The article discusses the type of open fireplace dating from the first half of the 20th century i


Vineyard shelters belong to the kind of heritage called temporarily settled buildings or, in shor

The article presents the woodcarving workshop of Andrej and Ivan Cesar in Mozirje - one of the bi

Prehistoric percussion instruments, scrapers, rattles, idiophones and bullroarers made of stone,

In this article the author reflects on the possibility of establishing professional ethics in eth


„Make me a bunch of flowers, and you'll be mine forever" - a lad promises his girl in a Porabje f

The article deals with Jalen's Bohinj related work into which the author wove motifs from Bohinj


In this article the author is particularly interested in Friderik Baraga's profile as a man which


The article drescribes the acquisition and formation of non-European collections in the Slovene E

The ethnographic artifacts deposited by Father Friderik Baraga in 1837 in the Carniolian Provinci

As embodiments of cultural meanings and values, artifacts have always played an important role in

The present article is the text of a paper presented at the symposium of Slovene museum ethnologi


The article is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Dr. Stanko Vumik's birth.