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Marinčič in Matičetov v pogovoru
Datum objave 
20. March 2020

Invitation to Collecting Jokes or Corona Humour

The Slovene Ethnographic Museum, a museum about people and for people, is still with you. We invite you to laugh with us, at a suitable distance apart, for laughter is the best medicine.

We are collecting jokes and funny stories on the theme of the coronavirus, the pandemic, self-isolation and other viruses that are currently shaping our everyday life. For our mental health, humour is more than welcome and dark humour in particular can have an even more beneficial effect.

Send your funny stories and jokes on this theme to and read what we have collected on our website. Laugh at them and then pass them on, let them put you in a good mood, and help create a safe and benign distance from the bad situation we are faced with. When the crisis is over, we shall publish the collected jokes in a document, which over time will capture this particular moment in our lives. The collected material will become part of the collection held by the curatorship of spiritual culture.

Selected jokes