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19. August 2021
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Safety measures concerning Coronavirus

Upon your visit, you are kindly asked to follow the safety measures concerning Coronavirus:

  • Eligibility for RVT (Recovered – Vaccinated – Tested) rule is mandatory for all visitors over 15 years of age
  • Only healthy visitors are permitted to enter the museum.
  • Hygiene of cough and careful hand washing should be considered.
  • All visitors are requested to wear a mask.
  • Disinfection of hands is required before entering the museum.
  • Visitors should maintain adequate physical distance (2 m) from each other during the visit.
  • It is necessary to follow the outlined route and the direction of the circular tour of the exhibition grounds.
  • If it is possible, use of the elevator is to be avoided.
  • Respect restriction of the number of visitors aloud to enter the museum at the same time.
  • The number of visitors to the museum is limited to 90 people.

More informations:

Reception SEM:, T: 01 / 300 87 45
PR:, T: 01 / 300 87 80