Slovenski etnografski muzej

6. March 2014
6. April 2014

Designing for Museums: Mojca Turk

Temporary exhibition SEM
Slovene Ethngraphic Museum, 6 March – 6 April 2014

The exhibition accompanies the appearance of the first publication in Slovenia devoted to museum marketing, edited and published by the Slovene Ethnographic Museum. It is also a tribute to the design work for museums by Mojca Turk, who began this part of her career in the Slovene Ethnographic Museum.

The exhibition under the title Designing for Museums shows the results of twenty years of design work for museums completed by the architect Mojca Turk, and her visual interpretation of museum projects through the language of art. It demonstrates how she conveyed the essence of the message contained in each different museum, exhibition or project in visual, pictorial or symbolic form, placing it within the framework of visual communication as an indispensable element of marketing communication and branding.

Designing for Museums: Mojca Turk