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23. June 2021
2. January 2022
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Memories of Slovenians Abroad upon recognition of the independent Slovenia

The exhibition presents memories of Slovenians abroad upon recognition of the independent Slovenia.

Thirty years ago, Slovenia declared its independence and began to follow its own path. Undoubtedly, this milestone IMPRESSED numerous memories in the minds of Slovenes, which after three decades are still alive and present. This applies both to those that became part of the collective memory, as well as personal ones perhaps known only to individuals.

To mark this year's anniversary, the Slovene Ethnographic Museum and the National and University Library invited compatriots who were not living in the mother country when independence was achieved to share with us their thoughts about this unique period. In response to a short questionnaire which was sent to various addresses at home and abroad, numerous memories were reawakened. Our invitation received 67 replies from those who were witness to this historic time, drawn from different cultural, professional and social backgrounds, as well as different ages groups. Impressions were contributed by Slovenes from border areas in neighbouring countries, countries of the former Yugoslavia, Europe, America, Asia, Australia, and from those who have returned to the mother country.

The memories of the moment when Slovenia declared its independence and of the events that led up to this are varied, rich and often interwoven with emotion. In relation to the time that followed this declaration, they are coloured by fear, as well as by memories of action, demonstrations, writing letters and heartfelt efforts to ensure that the countries where they lived recognised our young country. The impressions go up to early 1992, when the majority of European and non-European countries recognised Slovene independence; a contribution was made to this by many individual initiatives, activities and efforts, which are presented at our exhibition.

The gathered testimonies are important documents that form a collection at the Curatorship for the Slovene Diaspora and Members of National Minorities and other Ethnicities in Slovenia at the Slovene Ethnographic Museum, and supplement the Slovene Diaspora Collection at the National and University Library.

Some of these experiences have also appeared in book form, either at the time of independence or as memoirs published later. This milestone is recorded in prose works and it has also resonated in verse, as well as various documents and commemorative material. Selected examples are presented at the exhibition from the material kept by the National and University Library and the Archive of the Republic of Slovenia.

Dr Tanja Roženbergar, Slovene Ethnographic Museum
Helena Janežič, National and University Library

Authors of impressions at the exhibition

Agata Klinar, Alfred Brežnik, Alojz Macuh, Ana in Karlo Vičič, Ana Matusinović, Andrew Anžur Clement, Anica (Ann) Žagar, Anica in Lojze Markič, Anton Komotar, Berta Jereb, Bonnie Pohar Prokup, Breda Strojin Wilkinson, Cvetka Kocjančič, Daniel Jadran Maurice, Draga Gelt, Elena Isabel Likozar, Erika Jazbar, Frank Vovk, Franko Košuta, Gorazd Živkovič, Helena Leber, Igor Žnidaršič, Ivan Stanislav Prosenak, Ivo Jevnikar, Janez Zorec, Jasna Simoneta, Johnny Snidarich, Jože Pirjevec, Jože Stražar, Jožejka Debeljak Žakelj, Jožica Čeč Drese, Jožica Marn Gerden, Katarina Pakeljc, Lenti Lenko, Lucija Srnec, Lučka Koščak Kaegi, Maria Ana Homovc, Mariana Burger, Mariana Poznič, Marija Ahačič Pollak, Marija Mojca Terčelj, Mark Shirzel, Marko Hawlina, Martina Repinc, Maša Arko, Michael Koski, Milka Olip, Mira Kosem Borštnik, Miran Košuta, Miroslav Košuta, Nadia Molek, Nancy Kochevar, Nevenka Golc Clarke, Norm Setnikar, Oskar Molek, Peter Hames, Polona Jurinić, Radko Jorge Komotar, Rok Fink, Simona Bennett, Stanislava Gillgren, Tončka in Jože Šimc, Uši Sereinig, Vera Hrga, Vera Tuta, Vilma Rojic, Zvezdan Pirtošek

The exhibition was prepared by the Slovene Ethnographic Museum and the National and University Library.
Exhibition authors: dr. Tanja Roženbergar, SEM, Helena Janežič, NUK

Contributing Institutions and individuals for the exhibition:  
Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Department for the Slovene emigrants, the Slovene ethnic minorities in the neighbouring countries, and the members of the national minorities and other ethnicities in Slovenia
National and University Library, Slovenian Diaspora Publications Collection
Archives of the Republic of Slovenia
Authors of impressions