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Masterpieces of Spanish Arts and Crafts
Pritličje razstavne hiše
16. June 2017
3. September 2017

Masterpieces of Spanish Arts and Crafts

10 years of National Craft Awards

The National Craft Awards are given by the Spanish Government through the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) and its chair Fundesarte, which aims to give the highest institutional recognition for achievements and activities in contemporary arts and crafts that are widely recognized as excellent and exemplary.
These awards encourage the development and competitive advantage of small and medium-size art and craft enterprises driven by innovation, design and the ability to adapt to the market.

In 2015 the National Craft Awards were given for the tenth time, which represents a significant milestone, as this annual encounter with the quality and excellence of Spanish crafts has become a traditional event. In these 10 years, over 750 candidates have registered for the various award categories; there have been 178 finalists and 45 recipients of awards. To celebrate this anniversary, the organizers wanted to honour Spanish craft enterprises with an exhibition offering a historical overview of the recipients of these awards. They wished to bring closer to the public the quality and excellence of Spanish crafts and their artisan skills, and offer a new experience through the original design of the exhibition and its striking visual and architectural appearance.

The exhibition presents different winning craft products in the following
- National Craft Award recognizes life-time achievements.
- Product Award recognizes products or collections made and sold in the two years prior to the publication of the awards.

Videos at the exhibition show the works of the winners in the following categories:
- Entrepreneurship Award is  granted to an entrepreneur or an enterprise that has introduced new concepts to the sector and for their ability to provide new solutions and position themselves on the market.
- Promotion Award recognizes the contribution made to arts and crafts by the various candidates, either public or private, through creating added value and presenting them in a favourable and prestigious light.
- Innovation Award recognizes innovative products and use of technology, materials, design, marketing, etc.
- Research Award recognizes research work in the contemporary arts and crafts.  

Obras maestras de artesanía española:

Mojstrovine španske umetnostne obrti:

Masterpieces of Spanish Arts and Crafts:

Production and organization: EOI – FUNDESARTE
Exhibition curator: Laura Miguel Baumann, FUNDESARTE
Exhibition design: Julián Zapata
Coordination: AECID
Photos: Pablo Orcajo, Julián Zapata, Luesma Vega, Gsus Fernández, FUNDESARTE

The exhibition is hosted by the Slovene Ethnographic Museum upon the initiative and with the support of the Embassy of Spain in Slovenia.

At the Slovene Ethnographic Museum, represented by Dr Tanja Roženbergar, the exhibition was prepared by:
Exhibition coordinator and parallel events: Nina Zdravič Polič, SEM
Collaborators: dr. Bojana Rogelj Škafar, SEM
Maria Pilar Ycaza, Embassy of Spain in Slovenia
Communication: Nina Zdravič Polič, mag. Maja Kostric Grubišić
Multimedia support: Jure Rus
Graphic design: Mojca Turk
Technical support: Silvo Lipovšek, Boštjan Marolt  
Translation (Spanish – Slovene): Sara Marina Virk, Embassy of Spain in Slovenia