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Painting on Glass: a new acquisition

Datum objave 
25. March 2020
Painting of Breda Železnik

Breda Železik Svetlič, painting on glass, 1950s, donation to the museum. During and after World War 2, the painter became familiar with the technique of painting on glass and was a frequent visitor to the then Ethnographic Museum.

The inspiration for the painting came from a fresco in the church of St Primus and St Felicianus above Kamnik (1504). The fresco, known as a plague picture or picture of tribulations, shows the troubles people faced in the early 16th century (Turkish incursions, plagues of grasshoppers, sickness, robbers) and hope for God's intervention.This theme was interpreted by the painter on glass with such masterful technique that her painting glows like an icon.