Slovenski etnografski muzej

4. marec 2010
5. april 2010

Taiwan Sublime – its natural and human wonders

4 March - 5 April 2010

“Taiwan Sublime” comprises four series of photographs taken by Taiwanese photographers who for many years have crisscrossed Taiwan and its smaller sister islands with the aim of creating a record of its natural and human wonders:




In Soaring – An Elevated Vision of Natural Taiwan, photographer Chi Po-lin portrays the grandeur of Taiwan’s mountains, coastlines and waterways while conveying the heart-pounding exhilaration of experiencing the island from a bird’s-eye perspective.
In Passion – Heavenly Feast of the Performing Arts, photographer Liu Chen-hsiang gives a taste of the diversity and vitality of Taiwan’s modern dance and traditional drama.
In Folkways – Melding the Mundane and the Celestial, photographer Huang Ting-sheng presents scenes from everyday life that, directly or indirectly, are rooted in the spiritual dimension.
In Interfaces – Rhythms of Nature and Humanity, photographer Chen Chih-hsiung highlights the variegated natural stage on which the human drama continues.

The exhibition is hosted by the Slovene Ethnographic Museum upon the initiative of the Institute of Chinese Culture, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Vienna.