Slovenski etnografski muzej

Between Nature and Culture

A guide to the Slovene Ethnographic Museum permanent exhibition
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dr. Nena Židov
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Cover page Between Nature and Culture

There is now on view an exhibition that talks about the dynamics of the relations between nature and culture: about the natural environment in which we were born and the socio-cultural environment that co-determines who we are. It tells the universal human striving to control the environment and survive within it - a striving expressed through ways of making a living and being creative. The exhibitons familiarises visiotrs with the material and non-material heritage of Slovenes, as well as some non-Europaen cultures. It draws attention to the temporal, geographical and social heterogeneity of the cultural heritage and its close connections with wider European and world processes of constant change. in 900 square meters of space, around 3000 objects are displayed, which represents a tenth of the museum's collections.

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